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Gi FlyBike – Commute like a Boss

Gi FlyBike – Commute like a Boss

Gi FlyBike Is A Fly Folding Electric Bicycle for Commuters – now on Kickstarter

The genuine Gi FlyBike works with a custom folding system called „FlyFolding“ and offers control over the bike by an smartphone app calles „Flight Control“.

The FlyBike mobile app is already available to download in the App Store and shall be ported to Android. The app allows you to control the FlyBike’s Smart Lights, lock the bike
automatically, loan the bike to a friend safely and securely, create a user profile, and
share your favorite routes and your personal fitness statistics over social media

But don´t worry:  the bike still can also be controlled manually. An so called Anti Puncture System refers to the airless set of tires that allow you to ride without the possibility of getting a flat. So you have not to fear delays at work with this bike.

Some of the GiFlyBike Specs:

  • The FlyBike weighs 37.4 lbs (17 kg).
  • The FlyBike has a custom Lithium Ferrum Phosphate (LifePo4) battery made with Samsung cells – 6,000 mAh.
  • The batteries allow you to ride up to 40 miles (60 km) with electric assistance on a single charge.
  • The FlyBike, on the highest level of electric assistance, can go as fast as 15 mph (25 km/h) – the legal limit. You can achieve a faster speed by pedaling, although it’s not recommended in heavy urban areas.
  • The FlyBike has full-size, 26×1.5-inch tires with blade spokes and custom alloy rims. Solid tires. Soft enough for the ride, hard enough not to give out to any silly little sharp thing on the road.
  • The FlyBike has a Bafang hub gearless, brushless rear wheel 250 watt motor. This is the same technology that won the renowned 24 Hour E-Bike Race in Nurburgring, Germany, this past year.
  • A custom made printed circuit board (PCB) aligns with our controller to allow the bike to wirelessly sync with any smart phone.

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