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About gadget geek – digerati lifestyle is a webblog and shopping guide for the geek in you. gadgetgeek is about providing you with the latest information about geeky gadgets, interiors, fashion, personalities, rants and raves from all over the websphere.

Benefit from our shopping tips for the eclectic mind, aggregating different providers and shops from all over the planet earth. It´s personal selected , design orientated and not meant to fit each and everyone. Critics and hints are always welcome. It´s a fun project. We don´t wanna be perfect, but if possible perfect for your needs. originated from gadget my personal owned design and consulting agency and animation studio founded 1996 in Ludwigsburg, Germany. Due to the fact that I´ve been often contacted with requests on technical devices the Idea of a sidekick webpage of soon came up. is the place of choice to meet these expectations – a small special interest webspace to publish all these little gadgets and geek-Items that come along my way on a daily base.